Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pure Imagination

Hey!!! So, this is my second instalment of my amazing time away at Festival Number 6 with Diesel. Having had a well rested sleep (fully clothed, I might add) and feeling like I was about to roll down to the end of the tent, we decided it was time to explore the magical village of Portmeirion. And boy was it something!
This place was rocking! Ordering freshly squeezed OJ, a posh sausage sandwich - who even cared that you had to wait 30 minutes for it - it was worth it! 
This did what it says on the tin really.
I absolutely ADORE this picture. I went to an art gallery (forgotten which one!) and this REALLY reminds me of a painting that I saw there which had cute glitter touches to it which contrasted to some of the random images in the painting but in there was just sooo much going on! I think it pretty much sums up the vibe really. Here's a snippet of the painting - it was pretty big!! So annoying that I can't remember the artist/gallery. It was a long time ago but isn't it strange how one picture can make you think of a specific thing? Crazy.
Portmeirion was designed and built by Sir Clough William Ellis in the style of an Italian village. As soon as you arrive at the entrance, you are immediately transported to another world! You wouldn't think that you were in Wales. The pastel colours, the architecture was all keeping to the Italian theme.
This playsuit is the comfiest thing ever. It's so lightweight and perfect for bouncing around in. I was a little worried about looking a bit stumpy (being a shorty an all) but it wasn't too bad! Fortunately, the sun did decide to show itself so I could actually wear the clothes I took with me and not be freezing my butt off. The bum bag was essential! After my time in Florida, I knew that I had to take it with me. Not worrying about carrying a big bag and just having everything right in front of you was ideal! No rooting around in a panic when there's a photo op! The hat also was about $2 in the Forever 21 outlet store in Florida; you know how much I love a bargain. 
Paisley Jumpsuit- Motel Rocks || Bum Bag - Primark || Wellies - Tesco (kids) || Hat - Forever 21 (outlet) || Sunglasses - Forever 21
Too many wristbands! Not enough champagne.....
 With the gang: Sabah from Diesel, Lauren from Notion Magazine, Connie from Diesel, Monica from The Elgin Avenue
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where things really started to heat up (unfortunately, not weather wise!) Xxxx

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