Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Into The Woods...

Hey guys! So following on from my last post, this is the last diary style recount of my time at Festival Number 6 with the lovely people from Diesel. We spent the Saturday just milling around, drinking lots of cocktails, eating some amazing food that the stalls had to offer and generally chilling and surviving without our home comforts (no 3G reception anywhere!) We spent the majority of the day at the Belvedere tent, people watching and soaking up the atmosphere.
Shaggy Knit - Almost Famous || Shirt - Forever 21 || Playsuit - Motel Rocks || Bum Bag - Primark || Wellies - Tesco (kids)
So, everyone was aware that they were to meet at 21:45 and we would be taken through to woods to a magical exclusive VIP rave that Diesel had put on for all their guests. I decided that comfort was going to get me through the night, so into my super soft leigh skinny's I went, purchased a Festival Number 6 hoody, leather jacket, hat, scarf, you name it! I had it on. Perhaps should have thought about the body heat factor being in such an intimate space. It got very sweaty. This is what awaited us:
Laura and I really got into the 'rave' mood with our face paint! It took the girl about 2 minutes to do the design, I want to learn how to do it (I'm sure it's not hard!)
After a drink and a boogie, Monica and I decided to hit the hay as we were up early the next morning the get back to London.
It was really something! I felt so special to say the least, cheesy, I know. But to be a part of something so creative really was amazing. So, thank you Diesel for such an amazing weekend. You're the best!! Xxxx


  1. Wow this looks incredible, just read all 3 posts and what a cool weekend away! Wales looks beautiful! :-)

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