Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Diesel Δ Festival No. 6

Hellooooooo! Sorry I have been slightly MIA lately (you know me) and I say this all the time but I am generally swamped with work. I am finding this whole full time employment by day / blogger by night time double life I continue to lead so hard! Does anyone else just want to get home and crawl under the duvet and cut themselves off from the world? I feel like this every night. Violins please. BUT. Alas. I'm back (for now) and this is my first exciting post about my time away with Diesel at Festival Number 6 in the picturesque little village of Portmeirion in Wales.
Did she just say Wales? Oh yes. Set on the Welsh coast, I can only describe this place as being the most magical backdrop fitting for a fantasy boutique festival.
Diesel surely do know how to treat their guests! I spent the weekend with my tent buddies Laura and Monica from The Elgin Avenue (best. tent. buddies. eveeeer) at Hotel Bell Tent. Kitted out with air beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, duvets and candles, I couldn't have asked for anything more! Except, well, maybe a few layers as I clearly still had my summer head on. 
We were fortunate enough to have access to our own bar as residents of the Hotel Bell tent, which stayed open (it seemed) all night! Nevertheless, the detail of everything really did make this experience completely magical. 
We spent the first night mainly exploring the site, getting our bearings, and drinking. A lot. Everyone was enjoying the surroundings, the music and soaking up the atmosphere without there being that 'rowdy crowd' everywhere you turned that you are likely to come across at some of the more 'mainstream' festivals (which is what I am more used to, I have to say). This, however, was a new experience which I completely fell in love with.
Everything Everything on the main stage.
Thankfully, I didn't have to queue to get a quick burger from here!
Think of this as a teaser post, I'm slowly luring you in. Count to three. Come with me. And you'll be...In a world of pure imagination. There will be outfit posts tomorrow and more on the little toy land that is also known as Portmeirion. Xxx

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