Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Δ Tipi Dwellers Δ

Playsuit - Topshop || Moccasin Boots - Primark
Bikini - Urban Outfitters
Hellooooooo. So, at the weekend my boyfriend and I drove down to Dorset and spent the weekend in this amazing tipi at Longthorns Farm. It was a glamping experience to remember. We booked the trip last minute on Wednesday and luckily there was one tipi left! Despite the fact everywhere was fully booked as it seemed everyone was flocking towards the coast, the campsite itself was so incredibly peaceful. On our arrival, we were given a welcome pack that included everything we would need for the weekend (fire lighters, washing up liquid, those kinda things) and the woman was just so sweet! That's the thing I love about camping, everyone around you is just so friendly, the term 'happy camper' comes to mind. Oh, and the farm had alpacas!! They were so cute. 
Inside the tipi, it was decked out with the comfiest futon I have ever slept on, wood flooring, tea lights, dream catchers and just generally every little touch kept in with the native theme. Although there was only the two of us, there were two single beds at each side of the tipi too with lots of floor space left so really they could easily fit 6 people. We were amazed at how big it was inside. We spent our days on the beach near Sandbanks - which, is the fourth most expensive place to live in the world!! Crazy. The houses were unreal. I would definitely recommend the tipi experience - it made us want to buy one! Ha. Even though it was like 28 degrees, it still stayed cool in the tipi which was amazing. That's why we didn't want to sleep in a tent because they just get too hot! Anyway, we basically spent the weekend gazing at the stars, swimming in the sea, sunbathing on a white sandy beach and all of which, could you believe, was in Britain! Thank you sun for finally rearing your firey head! More soon xxx


  1. Cute playsuit! That looks like so much fun!

  2. Ah this sounds amazing, glad you had a lovely, peaceful time! X

  3. So jel:) looks like you had an awesome time xx

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun, and such a cool experience too! I am very jealous x

  5. OMG looks like the perfect weekend away to me! xx

  6. that looks like an amazing weekend, something I'd never think of but I might just have to try it now.

  7. Photos are gorgeous, wow I'd love to go there

    Ruth x


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