Monday, 8 July 2013

Break the night with colour...

Jacket - Primark || Trousers - H&M || Crop Top - Motel Rocks || Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Hi guys! I'm getting better at this hey? And lots more to come too now that the weather is nice so I can get outside! Today I went to Harry Potter world at Warner Brothers Studios and I was in heaven. Literally had the best day of my life. If you get a chance to go. GO! Anyway. That's enough about that. This post is all about the shoes. I have wanted these shoes for aaaaaaages. You don't understand the stress I went through to try and track a pair of these down. I originally bought a pair from Singapore, but a knock off version and then they e-mailed to say they were now discontinued. Dammit. Finally found these babies on Envi Shoes (an American website) and despite having to pay customs on them, I was one happy bunny. I wore them for the first time ever and they broke. The ankle strap completely came off because the platform is so heavy and the material was not strong enough. I was mainly upset because one, the website had sold out of them and two, they cost quite a lot of pennies. I then went to a cobbler across the road from my flat who said they could not be saved. Oh. My God. I did not, however, give up. The second cobbler was THE best and saved them!!! HURRAH! Replacing the original material with even stronger stuff so hopefully I won't have this problem again. Rant over. So, I'm sure these shoes will be making an appearance in a lot more posts. They are just divine and pretty much go with everything. I am in lurve. Anyway, I'm off paintballing tomorrow. EEK. A fun filled week of activities for me. More soon lovelies xxxx


  1. Love this! Those shoes are absolutely amazing x

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment - I'm still shocked! Love this outfit - wasn't sure about the shoes when I first saw them ages ago but GIRL you make them work! :D

  3. TAKE ME TO HARRY POTTER! (lol) I'd love to see it, as well as your great city of London.
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  4. awesome outfit lovely!

  5. These flatforms are magical, love them! They go so well with the outfit x


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