Monday, 29 July 2013

When you wish upon a star...

So, I thought it was about time that I mixed things up a bit. You will obviously notice from my outfit posts that I only ever tend to shop in Topshop or Forever 21. And although I love their stuff, I think I should start to branch out more and check out what else the high street has to offer. There's a Joy store on my local high street and their window displays are always calling to me when I walk past. Everything in the store is just so pretty and well displayed that I decided to come home and make a wish list. I'm still feeling mega colourful these days so this is actually my dream outfit. Florals. Pastels. Colour. Oh my! It screams tropical and summer to me and I am in luuuuurve. The sunglasses just top off the whole look - I love a pair of novelty glasses! I have seen the palazzo style pants around and always wanted a pair, but, being the shorty that I am, I was always worried about how they would look on me. But now that I have my Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow platforms - they are literally destined for a pairing together. The top is such a staple piece as well that you can mix and match with anything and it will still look amazing. What's your favourite? Love xxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Δ Tipi Dwellers Δ

Playsuit - Topshop || Moccasin Boots - Primark
Bikini - Urban Outfitters
Hellooooooo. So, at the weekend my boyfriend and I drove down to Dorset and spent the weekend in this amazing tipi at Longthorns Farm. It was a glamping experience to remember. We booked the trip last minute on Wednesday and luckily there was one tipi left! Despite the fact everywhere was fully booked as it seemed everyone was flocking towards the coast, the campsite itself was so incredibly peaceful. On our arrival, we were given a welcome pack that included everything we would need for the weekend (fire lighters, washing up liquid, those kinda things) and the woman was just so sweet! That's the thing I love about camping, everyone around you is just so friendly, the term 'happy camper' comes to mind. Oh, and the farm had alpacas!! They were so cute. 
Inside the tipi, it was decked out with the comfiest futon I have ever slept on, wood flooring, tea lights, dream catchers and just generally every little touch kept in with the native theme. Although there was only the two of us, there were two single beds at each side of the tipi too with lots of floor space left so really they could easily fit 6 people. We were amazed at how big it was inside. We spent our days on the beach near Sandbanks - which, is the fourth most expensive place to live in the world!! Crazy. The houses were unreal. I would definitely recommend the tipi experience - it made us want to buy one! Ha. Even though it was like 28 degrees, it still stayed cool in the tipi which was amazing. That's why we didn't want to sleep in a tent because they just get too hot! Anyway, we basically spent the weekend gazing at the stars, swimming in the sea, sunbathing on a white sandy beach and all of which, could you believe, was in Britain! Thank you sun for finally rearing your firey head! More soon xxx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Haul: Forever 21, Primark, Topshop, New Look, Urban Outfitters and more!

Polka Dot Playsuit - Topshop (concession)
Floral Blazer - Forever 21 (sale)
White Lace Blazer - Primark
Fringed Sandals - Primark
Crochet Vest and Shorts - Forever 21
Ombre Playsuit - Topshop
Polka Dot Oversized Shirt - Topshop
Printed Bikini - Topshop
Headchains - Claires Accessories || Necklace - New Look
Crushed Velvet Blazer - Primark via Lulutrixabelle's Instagram Shop Meowvtg
Fringed Waistcoat - New Look
Playsuit - New Look
Shaggy Knit - Almost Famous via Princess Polly Boutique
Printed Bikini - Urban Outfitters (sale)
Lace Top - Matalan
Cut Out Shirt - Forever 21
Crochet/Lace Dress - Charity Shop (nice stain there from my ice lolly)
Okay, so this is more of a collective haul as opposed to 'hey I went out and bought all this stuff in one day because I'm mental' (I've tried to stop doing that after looking at my last haul post. It makes me sick sometimes.) Anyhoo, this is all the stuff I have accumulated over the last few weeks! I've gone for a more neutral wardrobe to balance out all of the wonderful colourful items I bought last time. But obviously I had to include a little colour too! Some of the items here you would have seen in recent posts, I wasn't sure whether or not to include them but they are part of my accumulation. I have a picture of the Jeffrey Campbell platforms which you will have seen in my recent posts, but it keeps uploading upside down. And being as OCD as I am I could NOT have that! Anyway, I bought them from Envi Shoes. I think they're sold out now though. But you've heard my rant about them so let's move on! Good news is I will be having a clear our soon so if you want anything that you have seen on my blog then let me know, I'm sure we can cut a deal. In other news, I am SO excited because this weekend my boyfriend and I are heading down to Dorset to spend the weekend in a tipi!! Lazing around in hammocks, days on the beach and gazing at the stars. Oh how romantic! We always try to do a little camping weekend in the summer as well as our main holiday, but with this heat I couldn't even think about sleeping in a tent. I can't even stand it in my flat! I'm sure I will be posting about our little adventure afterwards. More soon lovelies. P.S. Sorry for overloading you with pictures! Xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Rainbow Girl

Top - Vintage || Blazer - Forever 21 || Shorts - Primark || Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell || Necklace - Claire's Accessories || Bracelets - Primark
Just a quick one today. I've been a busy bee this weekend and am absolutely pooped. I drove down to Bournemouth on Friday night with my friend and we spent the whole of Saturday on the beach which was just the best fun. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen me posing and soaking up the beautiful English sun. I couldn't believe I was sunbathing on a beach, in over 28 degree heat, in England! Who would have thought it?! I am absolutely loving it, mainly because it means I can dress up all colourful. Yay. On Sunday I went shopping (oops) at Bluewater and had a mini haul. Nothing extreme like my last two hauls as I know I will end up getting soooo much stuff in America (4 weeks to go) so I don't plan on taking much with me. Literally going to be filling an empty suit case, so I was trying to be sensible. I must say, I was uber disappointed with what the high street has to offer at the moment. I mean, I know we are coming into Autumn but we've only just got the sun! So, who is going to want to dress in boring khaki and black? Errrrr...not me! I guess the best thing about all of this, is that it means all of the summer stock is in the sale! Oh yeah! I've jumped on the high waisted bikini wagon so I managed to nab a few of those in the sale so I was quite chuffed. Anyhoo, an ice cold bath is calling! This heat is too much. Oh and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' - you can do so in my sidebar :) More soon xxx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Polka Dots Fill My Eyes

Shirt - Topshop || Lace Shorts - Forever 21 || Studded Bag - Primark || Shoes - Forever 21
I am absolutely diggin' this sun! I've been on activities week this week at work which means lots of fun filled activities for me whilst topping up my tan at the same time. Winner. I found my inner child today whilst going to see The Lion King - it was incredible! Paint balling yesterday was fun. Painful. But fun. So, my wardrobe mainly used to consist of just Topshop pieces, but now it is pretty much just Forever 21! I decided to simplify things for this outfit. Shirt, shorts, shoes and studs. Oooh would you look at that. The shirt is quite oversized, but I am so in love with the collar and the material so even though it was £38 (hence why I have been shopping at Forever 21 these days!) I still couldn't resist buying it. You know me. I do begrudge paying that much for one shirt though. But I'm not going to feel guilty!! Anyhoo, I have a stash of blue ice pools in the freezer I am about to demolish. This heat is overwhelming. More soon xxxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Break the night with colour...

Jacket - Primark || Trousers - H&M || Crop Top - Motel Rocks || Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Hi guys! I'm getting better at this hey? And lots more to come too now that the weather is nice so I can get outside! Today I went to Harry Potter world at Warner Brothers Studios and I was in heaven. Literally had the best day of my life. If you get a chance to go. GO! Anyway. That's enough about that. This post is all about the shoes. I have wanted these shoes for aaaaaaages. You don't understand the stress I went through to try and track a pair of these down. I originally bought a pair from Singapore, but a knock off version and then they e-mailed to say they were now discontinued. Dammit. Finally found these babies on Envi Shoes (an American website) and despite having to pay customs on them, I was one happy bunny. I wore them for the first time ever and they broke. The ankle strap completely came off because the platform is so heavy and the material was not strong enough. I was mainly upset because one, the website had sold out of them and two, they cost quite a lot of pennies. I then went to a cobbler across the road from my flat who said they could not be saved. Oh. My God. I did not, however, give up. The second cobbler was THE best and saved them!!! HURRAH! Replacing the original material with even stronger stuff so hopefully I won't have this problem again. Rant over. So, I'm sure these shoes will be making an appearance in a lot more posts. They are just divine and pretty much go with everything. I am in lurve. Anyway, I'm off paintballing tomorrow. EEK. A fun filled week of activities for me. More soon lovelies xxxx

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Almost Famous

Playsuit - New Look || Shaggy Knit - Almost Famous via Princess Polly Boutique || Shoes - Forever 21 || Bag - Next
Just a quick one from me. I am not one to complain about this glorious weather that has finally decided to grace us with its hot presence. But. I am currently in a flat that is most definitely hotter inside than it is out. No air conditioning. Refusing to turn the lights on from fear of mozzies and such bugs flying in through the window. It's all fun and games this fine Saturday evening. I've had an amazing day soaking up some rays, getting out on my bike and stuffing my face. I was about to say 'operation beach bod' has commenced, until I realised I had consumed far too much take away. Damn. The beach bod regime will start soon......Anyway, this little playsuit from New Look was perfect for this hot day and I just had to show you my knew shaggy knit which I got from Princess Polly Boutique. Even though it was SUPER hot all day - it's perfect just to throw on in the evenings when there is more of a cold breeze. So, I know I say this all the time but I have a few more posts for you up my sleeve which will be posted this week so fear not - I am back on the blogosphere. Everything is starting to wind down at work now for the summer so I will have a lot more time to spend blogging.  Much love xxx