Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello lovelies! Soooo this is exciting. Diesel are running THE most amazing competition ever, which I just knew instantly I had to get involved with. You know how much I love a festival inspired outfit. So what could possibly be better when the competition involved styling an outfit from the gorgeous Monica Beatrice of The Elgin Avenue's Festival Capsule Collection? With the chance to actually go to a festival - specifically Calvi on the Rocks in Corsica!! Waaa *screams inside* So, I put my festival hat on (metaphorically, of course it just had to rain on the day of my mission, boo) and headed to the Diesel store on Carnaby Street.
When I first saw Monica's collection - I was spoilt for choice! I didn't know what to do with so many amazing pieces to choose from - the pressure was seriously getting to me as I frantically flicked through the rails. However, when I saw these babies I knew instantly what kind of look I was going for. I chose this stunning dip-dye dress. I have a massive place in my heart for ombre, reminds me of the perfect sunset and LOOK, it matches my hair too!! I decided to team the dress with a super soft denim shirt. 
I did feel slightly self conscious and embarrassed snapping myself in such an open space with potential customers thinking "what the...?" Then I remembered the prize, had mild heart palpitations and thought: let's do this thiiiing. The sales assistant in the store was so sweet as well so in the end I wasn't afraid to snap myself in front of her. As you can see from the above photo, the dress is midi length, but me being the shorty that I am, decided to tie the rope belt around my waist and hike it up a bit. Which, I think is perfect for a hot festival. But also, makes the dress quite versatile so you can wear it in more ways than one. The dress was also destined for a pairing with my silver head chain. Ombre, arm party, head chain, oh my!
I decided to team the dress with my moccasin boots as they're perfect for festivals being so light (literally like slippers) so they would be ideal for bouncing around at a festival. However, I do occasionally like to rock a bad gal ensemble and these Diesel boots epitomise everything rock n' roll so would give the dress a bit of an edge.
The dress is definitely cute enough to wear solo with no accessories cramping its style, know me. Had to throw on my favourite necklaces seeing as this was a styling challenge after all.
The dress would be my day look and then in the evening, throw on a denim shirt and away you go! I think the most important thing when thinking about festival styling is ultimately comfort (and style obviously.) The material of this shirt makes it so light and airy. I hate denim that is quite tough but this shirt glides over your skin and is so soft. I don't know why I didn't put my bag on, it lay sprawled across the changing room floor. Sigh. But to complete the outfit my fringed bag which I wore here, would finish off this little number perfectly. As I walked out of the store, I wanted to cry knowing that this outfit wasn't packaged neatly in a bag coming home with me (violins out please) BUT pay day is this week... that dress will be MINE! Hurrah!
Well, there you have it guys! Head on down to the Diesel stores in Carnaby Street, Bluewater, Westfield and Covent Garden to see more of Monica's fabulous Capsule Collection, she's chosen some awesome pieces. This would be such an amazing prize to win, especially for me, so I wouldn't have to keep creating my festival inspired outfits in my living room; music blaring, cider in hand, crying inside whilst staring out my window. I could experience the real thing (it's been a while!!) I hope you like my entry, would love to hear what you think. FINGERS CROSSED! Much love xxx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gatsby.. Glitzy.. Gorgeous!

I think everyone was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Baz Luhrmann's interpretation of The Great Gatsby and who wouldn't? Not for Leo (we obviously love you) but for the style in general. I've found a few sites that are channelling the Gatsby trend which then led me to start drooling over evening and party dresses. These are some of my personal favs from Little Black Dress' website which you can see more of here but the range of evening dresses that they provide is unreal. I normally just look at the standard high street shops when trying to find a nice evening/party dress (for a wedding or special occasion) but I definitely need to explore what's just a key stroke away a LOT more! Then you don't have to worry about rubbing shoulders with someone in the same outfit! Literally cannot stop oogling at all the glitz and sparkle. I definitely could do with some of that in my life right now. 
I actually attended a wedding a few years ago and purchased the shorter version of this Gorgeous Couture Bailey Maxi Dress which you can check out here. I then saw Millie wearing it in the early days of Made in Chelsea! So obvs I knew I had made a wise choice seeing as she had it (happy dance.) I do love maxi dresses but as I'm only 5ft 2 they are always too long for me so I either need to have them taken up or wear massive heels! I must say, I do adore the shorter version of this dress but after seeing Millie in it I wanted the maxi version. Sigh.
Just, oh. So much glitter and sparkle. I've got quite a few weddings coming up soon and I just think it's so much more fun to add a bit of glitz in there to mix things up a bit. Not saying you have to go 100% flapper style, but just a hint is always nice. I'm not really a girly girl so much in my everyday style but when it comes to special occasions then I do like to make an effort but in my own way, as I'm sure everyone does! So these are just a few of my favs from Little Black Dress' website - which I'm so glad I discovered! They stock a HUGE range of brands which I hadn't heard of before but will now be checking out their collections ASAP! What's your fav? Apologies for the lack of outfit posts (again) but I should be back on form soon. I hope. Xxxx