Thursday, 23 May 2013

This Must Be...POP

Jacket, Silk Cami and Leopard Trousers - Forever 21 || Boots - Jeffrey Campbell || Necklace and Bracelets - Primark
So I'm almost (almost I say) head to toe in Forever 21. I got these trousers ages ago and completely forgot about them until my boyfriend needed to dress up for some safari themed Rugby 7's day and started raiding my wardrobe. He's over 6ft. Not like anything would have fit him! He opted for a spider hat instead. Innovative, I must say. I took these pics last week when I went round to a friend's for dinner and was planning on taking them outside but it rained. Typical. Hence, no make up as I was planning on hiding behind my sunnies. Urgh. I never really wear a lot of make up but seriously, some eye liner and mascara might have helped my case here, ha! I literally look about 16 years old. Not necessarily a bad thing seeing as that's 10 years younger than my actual age! I only discovered Forever 21 towards the end of last year (so behind with the times) but they have so many nice things! Especially now with the 'summer' season upon us. It's so reasonably priced too, this cami I think was £7.99 or something. And the blazer was twenty quid. Now do you see why my haul was so big?! I always pick up so much and expect it to come to around £50, then I get to the till and I've clearly spent too much and by that time it's too late. I want it all! Anyway, I'll stop babbling, I will try and get better at uploading upfit posts! You'll be glad to know that I've been spending again too. Ooops. If you haven't already, would love if you could vote for my blog under 'best new fashion blog' in the Cosmo blog awards, you can do so here if you like it, all you need to do is complete a little form :) I would be ever so grateful! Much love xxx


  1. I am actually in love with this outfit! The blazer especially, what a gorgeous colour!
    Carrie xxx

  2. Ooooh love the mix of colours and patterns it all looks so good together! Voted for you lovely, good luck! xx

  3. Fantastic outfit!! Loving the pants especially


  4. Love this bold mix, you look fantastic!

  5. I do love the colors! love the look xx


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Jo xxx