Friday, 17 May 2013

Haul: Forever 21, Primark, Jeffrey Campbell, Sabo Skirt, Boo Hoo...

Oh my god. I think I went....I don't even...Ugh.
Printed Shorts - Primark
Blue Shorts - Forever 21
Floral Shorts - Forever 21
Neon Foxy Wood - Jeffrey Campbell via eBay || Strappy Sandals - Forever 21 || Spiked Gladiator Sandals - Primark
Purple Cami - Primark
Mint Vest - Forever 21
Pink Studded Clutch - Primark || Printed Make Up Bag - Forever 21 || Black Chain Bag - Charity Shop
Ink Island Print Blazer and Shorts - Sabo Skirt
Ditsy Floral Shirt - Forever 21
Mint Blazer - Forever 21
Shorts - Forever 21
Necklace and Bracelets - Primark
Silk Striped Cami - Forever 21
White Crochet Shorts - Boo Hoo via eBay
Printed Loose Trousers - Primark
Printed Shirt - Forever 21
Okay. I did it. I shopped. If you saw my last haul here, you will know that when I shop. I shop. My last haul had some nice stuff in it but it was all pretty dull. I decided that with summer just around the corner (we hope) it was time for some colour. You may have seen me whining on twitter recently over the fact that my Forever 21 shopping basket was sitting at around the £170 mark. I just couldn't bring myself to checkout when I knew that I had to pay off my holiday. But, after much thought of the 'sod it' variety, I reassessed the situation, went back with a fresh eye and stocked up my basket again. LUCKILY, I didn't spend anywhere near what it was at before (in total with everything else... Maybe.) I kind of just thought, hey, I work hard, I deserve this! I've been after these Jeffrey C's for ages and managed to get hold of a pair on eBay for £35 in total. There's an Office shop on there selling discounted shoes that are either ex display or returns and all that was wrong with this pair, was a tiny mark on the back which came off anyway! Result. 
The two piece blazer and shorts from Sabo Skirt I'm actually in love with. So lightweight and perfect for summer. They are an Australian brand but only took 4 days to arrive!!! Amazing service. So yeah. The majority of the stuff I bought online from Forever 21 I didn't like when it arrived or some stuff didn't fit, so I had to trek all the way into central London to take it back. Which ultimately led me to finding more things I wanted and also led me to Primark! Gaaaah. The one on Oxford Street is literally hell on earth. I also got some beaut pastel socks and a bum bag from Primark which I forgot about. Ooops. See, I can't even remember half the stuff I bought - probably a sign that I didn't even need it. I always say this is the last time I'll spend money on clothes for a while. But that never happens. Although, on the plus side, I had a MASSIVE clear out and put over 30 items on eBay so if you want to have a look my eBay member name is joannerandall2003 or just click this link - I hope that works! Anyway, I will be sure to get lots of outfit posts up soon, hopefully when the weather perks up a bit! Xxxx


  1. Well well well, someone's been busy! Blimey! Loving what you've bought, those JC's are so scandalously sexxxxy :) x

  2. Amazing haul , love the blazer and shorts!! Xx

  3. Those Jeffrey Campbells are amazing! So jealous!!!! xxx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. ohmygoodness im sooo jealous of this haul, i especially love the ink island stuff, love a co-ord! xxx

  5. what a haul! Love the sabo two piece and the silk top

    Lola xx

  6. omg u got soo much, am just a little jealous over here ahahahh

  7. I want everything! OMG!:)

  8. Oh this haul excites me and is sending me to Primark tomorrow. Damn you Jo!! xxx

  9. Wow! That's quite a haul ... all great stuff but my favourite is the Printed Make Up Bag from Forever 21. Was in Primark as well last week & did some damage!

  10. Wow I don't know where to start! But I love your collection of shorts and the bohemian style necklace is lovely :)


  11. Sooooo many amazing buys! The Pink stud clutch is damn fierce!


  12. Haha now that is a haul!! Love all the shorts :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  13. So many lovely bits! :)
    Love the Primark cami and obviously the JC's!

  14. Those printed forever 21 shorts, suit and striped cami are to die for :)

  15. omg I adore saboskirt! So much so I drew it !

    I wish I had that much luk shopping! I never find that good stuff in forever21 or Primark, probably don't spend enough time looking
    Nice work! have a good day!

    -Nette or @Lynette_Enright on twitter

  16. How fast is Sabo Skirt's shipping?? btw love love everything you got, especially the shoes!!


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