Monday, 29 April 2013

Seek and Revive Vintage Kilo Sale

Blazer - H&M // Jeans - Topshop // Shoes - Office // T-Shirt - Topshop // Hat - Vintage // Bag - Next
Heeeeello. So on Saturday I went to the Seek and Revive vintage kilo sale in East London. I've heard about these kind of sales before but unfortunately had never went so thought I would give it a go. There are lots of these kind of events around London, some of which you pay for the bag (£10 or £20) and just go around filling it up with as much stuff as you can! However, this event was £15 for a kilo! So on average it was about 3/4 things depending on the weight obviously. I got 7 things and only paid £30 so it was a bargain! I mean the hat for starters, you would probably pay something like £25 for in Topshop. So yeah. Bargain.
I took my boyfriend who spent a grand total of 15 minutes grabbing as many 80s retro colourful ski jackets and shell suit jackets (hiya Joey Essex.) LOL. I've thrown them into a corner in our flat. Fortunately, he doesn't plan on wearing them but is going to sell them on eBay. Phew. 
When I hear about these kind of sales, I always picture rails and rails packed into a warehouse with thousands of people fighting over the best pieces. But this was great, it was set out perfectly, all the rails around the side with 'cast off' cages in the middle so I didn't find myself fighting with anyone. There were a few people who would be on one end of the rail and me at the other end who would push all the clothes my way so I could hardly look at anything, I'm like, seriously. No respect. You really do have to be in the mood for it. Especially to go rummaging in the cages but you must persist - that's where I found the hat so I got lucky! The venue is really cool with a nice outdoor terrace and they had a DJ playing so it really did set the tone of the day. I got there super early to nab all the best bits but then again, that's best to me. One man's junk may be another man's treasure an' all! Anyway, the next event is on the 1st June so get yourselves down there!! Jo xxxx


  1. So jealous! I have never been to a per pound sale OR a pile sale, and I need to! Great finds!

  2. DEFO need to hit up the next one.
    you got some great bits.


  3. Ah this looks amazing! I love the tartan skirt and the hat looks great on you xx

  4. Hello! I like your blog! Would u like to follow each other? i'll be very happy!=)

  5. Thinking of going to one of these in a couple of weeks, sounds like so much fun!


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