Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Want to Fly Away

Leather Jacket - Topshop Boutique
Coltrane Boots - Jeffrey Cambell
Shake Ya Tail Feather Leggings - Lovely Sally
Hat - eBay
Necklaces - Forever 21
T-Shirt - American Apparel (my boyfriend's, sssh)
HI HI HI! Okay so my beautiful Lovely Sally leggings arrived last week and I love em' so much. Literally can't stop touching them. I was going to post about them when I received them, but I was having a major fat day. These boots are also new...oops. I promise I've stopped shopping....for now. I was actually trying to get my hands on a pair of the Dr Martens Aggy Strap Boot by Agyness Deyn, but after seeing how much they were going for on eBay (over £200!!) I needed an alternative. Fast. These Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots I got on eBay but were brand new, hadn't even been out of the box, and for £125 I thought it was a bargain (not really, but compared to the Dr Martens..) You can get these boots in Office which I did try to, but after phoning customer service to try and get them to locate a pair for me somewhere in London, they were sold out in every single store in my size. Typical. Thank the lord for eBay. Soooo yeah, apologies for the up close shots of my nether regions, just trying to show the detail on the leggings. I also appear to have lost a leg in one of my shots. Ha. Also, apologies for the lack of posting. I am trying to be better but after work I'm just a zombie. I would love it if you guys could nominate me in the Company Style Blogger Awards, just click the picture in my sidebar. You only need to fill out a quick form and that's it! But the more the better, so would love your support. I was nominated for best fashion blog however, perhaps personal style blog would be better suited? I don't even know what the difference is! Anyhoo, ta ta for now xxx


  1. The leggings and boot combo is perfect!

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion. Beauty. Lifestyle.

  2. Those boots are amazing! Love your leggings:) x


  3. Looking amazing I love your Coltranes xxx

  4. the leggings are so amazing x

  5. I love your boots!So cute that you can pull them off:)
    Love your blog, check out mine?

  6. Those leggings are amazing!!! xx


  7. Wow I love your leggings, they look amaaaazing on you :) x

  8. These might be the best leggings I've ever seen! Amazing! x

  9. Just came across your blog, you have amazing style!! :D
    You are rocking those leggings and shoes :D


  10. Wow those are really interesting leggings! Love the look :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  11. gaaah, love the shoes and the leggings and the necklaces!!!!!! <3<3


  12. Love those leggings!
    Cool outfit,

    Now following :) xx

  13. Love this outfit, those leggings are so nice!! :D Those boots are a bargain, especially as they were brand new! :0 Love your blog sweets! :)




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