Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 in outfits...

It's a new year. A new start. Time to reflect on 2012. I always find that my style goes through phases at different times in the year. But I think we are all the same. No? I went through a lycra phase (definitely my fav) punk, girly and sporty. I find winter the hardest time of year as I want to dress like I would in the summer but unfortunately, just can't. Unless I want to die of hypothermia. I hate the cold and having to cover everything up (not that I want to run around naked, you know what I mean.) So here's a little post of all my 2012 outfits. My new year's resolution is to be more adventurous with accessories. As you can probably tell, I wear the odd necklace and bracelet but I have never been an accessories person so we will see how that pans out. I wonder what phase I'll be sporting in 2013. Who knows. Only time will tell. 


  1. Love all your outfits- gives me so many ideas, great inspiration! Really can't pick a favourite! Love this post- I've even bookmarked it! :)
    Rosy x

  2. So many great looks, Love the spotty tights X

  3. Some beautiful outfits missy, looking forward to this years!
    As for you accessories, ebay items from China are so cheap - just have to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive.
    And I forgot you have those beauts Spice Girls platforms, I feel like buying them again incase something tragic happens to the current pair!

  4. I love your different selection of tights! Oooft' I'm in love with your outfit with the pleated skirt and gold chain! <3
    *And in reply to you hahaha*
    I think when I changed my name it changed the settings for some people so they couldn't see when my posts come up in dashboards!

    Happy New Year to you too Jo, I'm wishing you a good one! I seriously can't wait for your outfits this year, your style is so amazing!

    Ally | X

  5. I love them all! It's great that you have lots of different looks so none of its samey - looking forward to more in 2013 :)


  6. I adore all these looks! I love all the tights!

  7. That last outfit is my fav, gorgeous :)
    Lovely blog too :D

    Vicki xx

  8. I love this post! Thanks for the follow back :)
    I'm on my way to ebay to look for the bag now. Thank you

  9. These outfits suit you amazingly, I'd be hard pressed to try and get away with looks like this!
    Gorgeous :) xx

  10. such a lovely outfits <3
    following you back, kisses
    love, Yulia

  11. Great post Jo and a Happy New Year!


  12. Love your galaxy pant !

    Yes, we can follow each other :)

  13. HAWTEE and omg I feel your pain, I'm freezing my ass off in SoCal, like what is a jacket!?

    Love all your leggings!

    XO Chelsea & Brittany

  14. Just found your blog and I love it :) great style! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  15. cant believe i havent seen your blog until now. your style is impeccable!! newest follower- jade xxx


Thank you for all your beautiful words. They really make my day <3
Jo xxx