Friday, 30 November 2012

If the Boot Fits: a Winter Footwear Guide

Now that winter’s here, the last lingering autumnal shoots of optimistic colour probably need to be replaced with a wardrobe of warmer, thicker and more sensible winter-wear. Some may find this fashion transition a challenge. For others, however, winter is their best-dressed season, with plenty of opportunities to look chic and sophisticated in winter berets, leather gloves and tailored coats. Most important of all, it’s the season of the boot, the utterly stylish, fully functional emblem of fashion, without which the winter season would be incomplete.

Here’s a round-up of the hottest boot fashions this winter, whether you are an Audrey Hepburn aspirant or a Gwen Stefani biker chick, this season’s most popular styles of boot are versatile and there really is something for everyone.

Fur trim

For the ultimate in comfort and warmth, fur trim looks great and renders your boot winter certified. Tod’s and Rocket Dog boots are just two examples of brands that are embracing a bit of fluff this season.


Biker chic is big this season, especially when it comes to the boot. There is a huge range of black studded and buckled boots that can be made to look rock chic, shabby chic or just plain chic! Daisy Lowe wears them with a grey poncho and sheer black tights, a look that suits dog-walking surprisingly well.

Lace ups

This boot sees another season in style. Lace up wedges, booties, stilettos and open toes make a nifty twist on a classic boot. Lace up boots also come in a wide range of wacky styles, including those modelled by Lady Gaga herself, who wore Alexander McQueen lace ups to London Fashion week.


Perhaps the most prestigious boot of them all is the illustrious equestrian cob. In beautiful leather, the riding boot is an undeniable classic and a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether cowboy or dressage, this boot is an investment that oozes class and looks good with practically any outfit.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Live While We're Young

Literally have the best boyfriend ever. So spoiled.
Necklace and bracelet from Urban Outfitters.
Ha. I absolutely love this!
My lovely friends treated me to a big fat chocolate cake. Mmmm. Nom nom.
Dress - Motel Rocks
Crop Top - c/o Pop Couture
Necklace - c/o Pop Couture
Jacket - Goldie London
Shoes - Office
So I got TWO Jo Nesbo books from Billy's parents(I'm such an avid reader and have read the whole series - apart from these two, obvs) that I can't wait to start! Also some euros for my New Year Helsinki trip!! 
PING - Restaurant and Bar, Earls Court, London.
Soooo I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. Another year older! Not liking how close to 30 I am getting now. NO. Must not look at it that way. Despite the weather being completely against me that day, miserable rainy day, I still had THE best time ever. I was literally showered with gifts from my lovely boyfriend - he went a bit mad this year (which is always a good thing.) My mum is obviously back home in Edinburgh (I am originally from there, can't remember if I told you that?) but when she came down to visit, she bought me some lovely new UGGS for my trip to Helsinki for New Year. So snuggly. I also decided to do something a bit different to celebrate so booked a booth at PING in Earls Court, a restaurant and bar where you can play ping pong, beer pong AND dance the night away. What more could you ask for? We indulged in some serious American Style Pizza (mine literally looked like Home Alone's 'plain cheese' and it was all 'just for me' too! Fat pig. Ha.) It really was so reasonably priced as well, I will definitely be going back there! Anyway, during the day I didn't really do much. It took me an hour to do my hair! I used my Lee Stafford curling chopstick that I got in my goody bag from the Motel Rocks event and went a bit mad with it!! My hair is very long and I took one strand, wrapped it around the chopstick and ended up with a pig's tail. I tell you no lie. I was tempted to do my whole hair like that - afro style - but decided against it. One day maybe :) Anyway, I will post an OOTD style post soon!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pop Couture Event

Loving Ellanora's tartan trousers!!
So this is what I got in my goody bag!! How generous!! Necklace, earrings and a crop top!! (I ate the other sweets on the journey home!)
Jacket - Vintage (eBay)
Dress - Motel Rocks
Shoes - Office
Necklace - Topshop
This was the dress I chose - lush! Can't wait to get it!!
I was lucky enough to get to go to the Pop Couture event on Thursday night at the swanky Neo bar in Barbican. I literally feel a little bit like Hannah Montana this week: teacher by day, blogger by night. I have never been so tired! However, it has definitely been worth it! When we arrived at the bar (after losing my oyster card, only to find it lying on the ground, pheeeeew) we were handed tags which we were to tag an item from the new collection which will be sent it us! Yay! I chose the maxi skull print stretch dress. It pretty much had my name all over it, but it was not an easy decision, what with all the amazing pieces in the collection. The tartan and baroque prints to name but a few: I was in heaven. All items are also so reasonably priced. I must say, I'm getting a bit fed up of Topshop (can't believe I'm saying that considering they have literally stocked my whole wardrobe) but I just can't afford their prices any more! This is definitely where I will be shopping from now on - when I actually have some pennies to spend! 
It was such an intimate event as well, I got to meet some really lovely bloggers! The lovely Julie managed to race there in time, and it was also lovely to see Joanna and Desriee again who I met at the Motel event. I feel as if I'm beginning to grow in confidence now going to these events. At first, I felt really self conscious about what I wore and how people would react, but after realising I have nothing to worry about because everyone is so friendly, I'm beginning to come out of my shell more and just relax! So I built up the confidence and started chatting to other bloggers: Vanese, Shekinah, Ally, Milly (who thankfully met me before the event so I wasn't alone!) ChanelLauren, Jem, Ellie, Laurenella - such good people!
I hope you luuuurve the collection as much as I do! Visit their website here. I'll be sure to post outfit pics when I receive my dress!! OH and it's my birthday tomorrow (actually now it's 12:15 it's technically my birthday!!) YAY!! 26. God I feel old. Let's not talk about that any more. Night lovelies xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Motel Rocks Event

 Such a gorgeous venue, a beautiful backdrop to host the event!
 Look at all those presents! Unbelievably generous!
 It was a loooooooong wait. But definitely worth it. Thankfully Julie, Chelsea, Joanna and Desriee kept me company!! Also, the sparkly dress on the left is the one I picked (more about that later.) I also LOVE the white and black mighty criss cross print, which is actually a skirt and crop top, but I just purchased the dress version which you can see here. Can't wait to get it!
Got pampered by My Face Cosmetics. You can't really see it in the picture, but I went for the smoky eye look and felt very glamorous!
 The beautiful Charlene from Strutt and Lucy from Lulutrixabelle. Such amazing girlies! Hope to see them again soon.
 What I wore - charity shop find. £20. BOOM.
 We're so hot right now.
 Met some amazing people that I hope I keep in touch with. Yes that is Lee Stafford.
 This was in my goody bag!! I can cross this off my Christmas list now!
Bye Floripa, you did good!

Last night I was so lucky to get to go to the Motel Rocks event in London. On the invite, it stated that the first 50 guests would receive a free outfit! Panic and fear struck, as I started to form 'what if' scenarios in my head. 'What if I get there super early and there's loads of people there?! I'll need to make sure I'm there before them! What if the tube breaks down?!' La la la. So here's me. Freezing my butt off outside. From 4:30pm (the event started at 6:30pm - I know, right?!) When really, people didn't start to turn up until around 6:15. Thankfully, the lovely Julie and Chelsea turned up to keep me company and I didn't feel so much like a yob hanging around outside the venue when they hadn't finished setting up. Uuuuugh saddo. 
Anyway, after all that, I was in. That outfit was MINE! Yes. The wait was worth it. The first lucky 50 got to choose their top 3 dresses from the new Motel collection of which, one will be sent to us. YAY!! I chose the dress called Wild One as my first choice. I did have a picture of it but due to the lighting and having to take pictures on my phone, it just wouldn't have done it justice. So I'll surprise you with it in a post as soon as I receive it!
So, after choosing my dress, I headed straight for the bar for some free cocktails (cheeky, school night after all.) Chelsea and I experienced the photo booth, oh and what fun that was! I then let My Face Cosmetics pamper me and generally just mingled all night. Lee Stafford was also there styling - I really wanted to get some loose curls done, but with the amount of hair I have, I probably would have been there all night. No joke. It was so nice meeting other bloggers, it is just such a friendly and welcoming community, I don't know why I was so nervous about going when everyone was just so nice!! 
I'm hoping to add more photos when I get some through from the event organisers - ones which will do the clothes justice!!
Thank you so much Motel Rocks!! You have set the bar high for this week - I don't think anything can top last night. Much love xxx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

DIY Denim Stud Shirt

Shirt - Primark (DIY)
Shoes - Ella Tino Boutique
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Temporary Tattoo - Inkwear
DIY Sunday's are what it's all about in my opinion! I've been wanting to do this for soooo long but just hadn't gotten round to it. Until today. I like to have a project to keep me busy, once I get an idea in my head, that's me in the zone and I won't stop until it's complete! Saying that - this little project took me a grand total of 7 minutes. No joke. Quick with some great results!
You will need: one denim shirt (mine was from Primark, so I wasn't too bothered if I messed it up or not!) and a variety of studs. I took the studs off an old belt I had (I think we all went through that phase of grunge in our teens and had one of those studded belts, which are now back in fashion!) All you do is push the studs through the material and fold the ends down and that's literally it! Due to the material being denim and thicker than a normal shirt, even if you place one of the studs in the wrong place, it doesn't matter because you can't see where you had previously pushed it through - ace! And they slide through really easily as well! However, if doing this DIY on a chiffon or silk shirt, it may leave some holes where you have pushed the studs through. 
Anyway, I hope you like! I'm still playing around with my Inkwear tattoos - this one is by far my favourite!! Annoyingly, it's making me want to get a real one but MUST RESIST! Fashion is temporary - tattoos are forever and all!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

☮ Peace and Love ☮

Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Boots - Primark
Tattoos - Inkwear
I feel like a little girl again, that memorable moment of standing over the sink dabbing your transferable tattoo with water whilst waiting eagerly! But let me just say, these tattoos are no corner shop quality that I remember purchasing frequently. So I tried out a little variety of temporary tattoos from Inkwear and it was the easiest process ever with some fantastic results.  All you have to do is cut all the white away (you can clearly see which parts that is, on the one I am wearing I did not have to cut all the centre of the peace sign away) and stick it on your bod, dab with a cloth for 20 seconds and BOOM. Inkwear uses brand new cutting edge materials and technology to ensure their tattoos are the most durable, realistic and detailed in the world, which is what sets them apart from the rest.

These really do allow you to be a little more adventurous and try out some different designs without the pain of going under the needle! I am a little bit obsessed with the 'peace' symbol (secretly wishes I was born in the 60's) and thought it went perfectly with my tribal dress. I have so many more to try out which I'm really looking forward to! Especially the rosemary bead bracelet this space! Check out Inkwear's website by clicking here. Peace out x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm As Free As My Hair...

Jumper - Primark
Necklace - Topshop
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Boots - Zara
I bought a few new items at the weekend, this amazing POW jumper and some new ankle boots. Zara unfortunately didn't have my size. Typical. So I sat in the cinema watching Skyfall and ordered my shoes on my phone (I did actually watch the film. Eventually.) I've seen a couple of people wearing this jumper, I guess that's the annoying thing about blogging - I literally want everything that I see on other people. Good for the soul. Bad for the bank account. I've got quite an exciting week ahead next week having been invited to the Motel Rocks Christmas Party, so I'm looking forward to getting all glammed up for that. EXCITED!!!!!!!!! And breathe. Okay. More soon lovelies.