Friday, 14 December 2012

Laughing in the Purple Rain

Velvet Blazer - Nungapunga
Boots - Vintage
Leather Skater Dress - Urban Outfitters
Tights - H&M
Anne Boleyn Necklace - Hampton Court Palace (Gift Shop)
Russian Hat - Topshop
Purple is my new favourite colour. After seeing my friend Jo's new range Nungapunga, that I let you all know about in my last post, I have been ogling this velvety goodness for days. I can't stop touching it, the fabric is amazing. I have wanted a velvet blazer for a while and think I will have to put this on my Christmas list! On my way home from work I like to go into all 5 charity shops that are on our road (it's routine) just to see if I can find any bargains and lo and behold I found these shoes. For £8! And in my size! HURRAH!!! I had been wanting a pair of Chelsea boots for a while now so I couldn't resist. What a bargain. I actually got them last week but it's taken me so long to blog about them. Soz. SOOOO, I went to Hampton Court Palace last month and managed to pick up the Anne Boleyn necklace (not the real one, obvs) from their gift shop. All I could think about when I saw it was UGLY BETTY WEARS THAT!! Soz Anne. Nobody cares about you. I love it. Even though my name doesn't begin with 'B' (Bo? Hmm kinda has a nice ring to it) my boyfriend is called Billy so that's my excuse for wearing it. I have seen some on eBay that you can get made with your own initial. But I like B. Anyhoo, hope you like lovelies. Sorry for the short but sweet post. I'm literally a zombie right now. Early night for meee.


  1. I really like those chelsea boots! x

  2. Gorgeous blazer and such a bargain on the boots! xx

  3. No wonder you like purple. It's stunning. I like the jacket. Ever tried purple with pink? They make a great combo.
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  4. J'adore the Chelsea boots xxxx

  5. Hi Jo! loving the purple velvet xxxx

  6. This outfit is perfect, I love it all. That hat is very cute! xx

    I'm having a giveaway, I think you might like it!

  7. I love everything in this outfit, the jacket is gorgeous and the hat looks awesome on you! x

  8. I remember meeting Jo at the Melabelle event! before the collection came out. Her stuff is sooo nice, velvety goodness :D

    Lola xx

  9. Love those sorts of hats, I have a purple/wine one:) Your blazer is gorgeous, great find!x

  10. hello, dear! your blog is really cute&useful!
    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know!

  11. Amazing photos!

  12. I'm your follower №300 on GFC
    your turn!

  13. Love the velvet you look great!!

  14. love the velvet!! so lush!!!

    and that hat is just so so fab! :D

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  15. Nice photo and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your dress, what a great shape and that jacket is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your hat rocks! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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  16. Ah necklace lust!



Thank you for all your beautiful words. They really make my day <3
Jo xxx