Thursday, 8 November 2012

Next Lock In

What I wore...
 Jacket - Vintage
Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Ella Tino Boutique
 Four of my ten edits...
What I so much more!
Gorgeous Leopard Print Cape buy here
Printed Soft Shirt buy here
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WELL, what a busy week I have had! Further to my last blog post about the app Pink Mothballs, they ran a competition to win a £200 shopping spree to whoever uploaded the most borrowlicious items into their wardrobe! And....I WON! So, took a very long train ride (okay about an hour) to Reading and spent my free monies. Got some great items for my winter wardrobe which I will blog about soon! THEN, the lovely Ellie at Next invited me to a lock in at Next on Oxford Street. I can't begin to describe how amazing it was. Truly. Amazing.

We started off at Apres in London for some nibbles and bubbles. Booze flowing, bloggers mingling, a great start! We then headed over to Next where they shut up shop just for us. More bubbles, blasting beats, I didn't think it could get any better until I was handed a £100 gift card and was let loose around the store. Heaven. We were also given ten edits - roam the store a select the 10 most wanted items. Above you can see a few of my choices - I must say, it was hard choosing only ten! And I'm not the most decisive person. Tough challenge for me. You can see the bloggers top picks here.

I got a snuggly (yet fabulous) leopard print cape to keep me warm for the winter and the printed shirt had my name written all over it as soon as I saw that bright orange retro print. I knew I had to have it. I also got a gorgeous jumper with gold studs, a cream lace vest and some work trousers which I shall post about soon! 
Anyhoo, I will update over the weekend some more - I know I've been lagging behind but after this event, I am all the more motivated to getting back into the swing of things. MAHOOOSIVE thanks again to the Next team and Ellie for inviting me!!


  1. Lucky lady! That sounds amazing - gorgeous finds too (love that cape) xx

  2. Hi Jo! thanks for following, following back! It was so lovely to meet you yesterday night, you got great snaps! see you at the next Next even? haha xxx

  3. awesome event! love your picks


  4. Love your outfit - it's adorable!


  5. I love what you wore, the dress and jacket are amazing!xx

  6. love both coats youre wearing here!

  7. I love the things you bought sweetie, glad you had fun it was so nice to meet you! Xxx

  8. I love what you bought! It was lovely to meet you B xxxxxxx

  9. P.s here's my blog xxxx

  10. You look adorable, I like everything about this outfit :)

  11. You look amaazing! Love your outfit , so jealous you got to go to the Next Lock in :D


  12. Gorgeous outfit, and it sounds like you had a fab time! x

  13. I love this outfit. :)
    The dress is gorgeous.

  14. That shirt is amazing!
    Following you too x

  15. Looks like fun, how lucky :) Love your picks.

    Lola xx

  16. Thank u for comment like the outfit would u like follow each other


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