Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Motel Rocks Event

 Such a gorgeous venue, a beautiful backdrop to host the event!
 Look at all those presents! Unbelievably generous!
 It was a loooooooong wait. But definitely worth it. Thankfully Julie, Chelsea, Joanna and Desriee kept me company!! Also, the sparkly dress on the left is the one I picked (more about that later.) I also LOVE the white and black mighty criss cross print, which is actually a skirt and crop top, but I just purchased the dress version which you can see here. Can't wait to get it!
Got pampered by My Face Cosmetics. You can't really see it in the picture, but I went for the smoky eye look and felt very glamorous!
 The beautiful Charlene from Strutt and Lucy from Lulutrixabelle. Such amazing girlies! Hope to see them again soon.
 What I wore - charity shop find. £20. BOOM.
 We're so hot right now.
 Met some amazing people that I hope I keep in touch with. Yes that is Lee Stafford.
 This was in my goody bag!! I can cross this off my Christmas list now!
Bye Floripa, you did good!

Last night I was so lucky to get to go to the Motel Rocks event in London. On the invite, it stated that the first 50 guests would receive a free outfit! Panic and fear struck, as I started to form 'what if' scenarios in my head. 'What if I get there super early and there's loads of people there?! I'll need to make sure I'm there before them! What if the tube breaks down?!' La la la. So here's me. Freezing my butt off outside. From 4:30pm (the event started at 6:30pm - I know, right?!) When really, people didn't start to turn up until around 6:15. Thankfully, the lovely Julie and Chelsea turned up to keep me company and I didn't feel so much like a yob hanging around outside the venue when they hadn't finished setting up. Uuuuugh saddo. 
Anyway, after all that, I was in. That outfit was MINE! Yes. The wait was worth it. The first lucky 50 got to choose their top 3 dresses from the new Motel collection of which, one will be sent to us. YAY!! I chose the dress called Wild One as my first choice. I did have a picture of it but due to the lighting and having to take pictures on my phone, it just wouldn't have done it justice. So I'll surprise you with it in a post as soon as I receive it!
So, after choosing my dress, I headed straight for the bar for some free cocktails (cheeky, school night after all.) Chelsea and I experienced the photo booth, oh and what fun that was! I then let My Face Cosmetics pamper me and generally just mingled all night. Lee Stafford was also there styling - I really wanted to get some loose curls done, but with the amount of hair I have, I probably would have been there all night. No joke. It was so nice meeting other bloggers, it is just such a friendly and welcoming community, I don't know why I was so nervous about going when everyone was just so nice!! 
I'm hoping to add more photos when I get some through from the event organisers - ones which will do the clothes justice!!
Thank you so much Motel Rocks!! You have set the bar high for this week - I don't think anything can top last night. Much love xxx


  1. Hey! I think I saw you there :) it was such a nice event and i know what you mean with panicking about being one of the first 50 :D have a nice day! xx

  2. Ahhhh Awesome photos!!! Thanks for your lovely comment <3 Of course we can follow each other! following you now! Hope you follow me back. Xx


  3. oh I was there too, spotted your lovely top - didnt get a chance to speak to you.


  4. it was lovely to meet you darling!!! thanks for being my smoking buddy ♥

    Miss drifted Snow White

  5. Can't wait to see an outfit post of that dress you picked! xx


  6. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  7. Your charity shop dress is amazing - cant believe it was only £20! Bargain :)


  8. It sounds like it was such a great event!

    Sarah x


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