Sunday, 30 September 2012

They Call Me Mellow Yellow


Dress - Topshop (London Oxford Street)
Bag - Marc B (Topshop, London Oxford Street)

Dress - Topshop (London Oxford Street)
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Marc B
Gloves - Vintage
Fascinator - Vintage

It has been the season of lurve lately, so I thought I would share some of my wedding outfits with you. As well as this, I must apologise for my lack of blogging of late. I have been very neglectful, BUT, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and I must say, it feels good to be back! Although I probably won't update daily like I used to as it got to the point where having a full time job and blogging just got a bit too much for me to handle. Blogging itself seems like a full time job sometimes. So, baby steps. Anyhoo, as the title of this post suggests (minus the mellow fact) I have been living a yellow life! I bought both of these dresses from the concession section in Topshop on Oxford Street. I hated the fear of people wearing the same dress as me so I thought I would go for something a bit different. I kind of got yellow fever. Now I'm lazing around with an actual fever. Sniffles.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Melabelle Pop-Up Event

Thank you to the lovely Katie Gwyn for inviting me to the Autumn Winter Collection launch of designer Bella Cager's independent fashion label 'Melabelle.' Despite going out on a school night (the bubbles had a very negative effect on me the next day) I had an amazing time meeting Bella and being surrounded by her lovely collection.  Located in a cute pop up shop on Portobello Road - it was definitely the perfect location to showcase her latest collection. You can view the collection and shop online here.

I had to peel myself out of this gorgeous and flattering pea coat. It truly is such a beautiful shape, made of wool and also available in navy. It is the number one item on my birthday/Christmas list this year. I had originally seen the jacket online and loved it. However, it wasn't until I tried it on, that I didn't realise how much! The fit is incredible, it felt like a part of me. I can't say that about many clothes that I own.

The main inspiration for the collection was Bella's grandmother, Thora, who had impeccable style.  Melabelle has now been featured in Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Elle. Most recently, Grazia have featured the pea coat below.

The beautiful and talented Bella Cager.
Truly amazing fabric and print.
Obviously, these were not part of the new collection, but I am slightly regretting not purchasing a pair of these sandals.

Argh, I wish I bought the tassled sandals now!! Slightly depressed now.
Incredible mood board detailing Bella's inspiration for vintage shapes. The Autumn 2012 collection showcases bespoke prints featuring stars, a'jag' print and a 'dalton' dancer print, which was inspired by a mysterious envelope dated 1955. This envelope was packed full of charming silhouettes that had been sent to Bella's grandmother, Thora, by her sister.
This is my latest purchase, originally from Topshop but bought on eBay (best place on earth) - it is what I will have to put up with until I get that pea coat. One day. One day.