Saturday, 21 April 2012

DIY: Bleached to Tie Dye Shirt

First things first. Apologies for the lack of posting the last few days. The end of the week has been very hectic and being back to work after two weeks off has been a real kick to the system. Anyway, I thought I would have a go at turning an old unwanted shirt into something a little bit more special. I wasn't thinking about posting this at the time so unfortunately I don't have a picture of the old denim shirt before. Damn. But here is what you will need: 

DYLON Salt, and a variety of colours of DYLON fabric dye (depending on the kind of look you want.) For the shirt I used Flamingo Pink and Bahama Blue (I never ended up using the intense violet because we all know pink and blue makes purple!)
Okay, so take any old unwanted denim shirt and any bottle of household bleach (I used your average toilet bleach!) Fill up a basin with warm water and a LOT of bleach. I think I may have got a little carried away and pretty much squeezed half the bottle in. WARNING: Open the windows! The smell is very overpowering. After a few hours you will see the bleach start to work, some parts will go whiter than others so I kind of had a patchy look at first but I left it overnight and awoke to find my shirt like this. It was more of a yellowy colour rather than white but that was perfect because I knew I'd be splashing it with colour anyway. I just needed it bright enough to hold the colour.
So, now you have your shirt, I will TRY and explain how mine ended up as it did. Again, I didn't take any pictures as I was doing it (probably the excitement!!) so I will show you how with the shirt as it ended up. First of all, lay the shirt out flat. Then you want to grab the middle of the shirt and twist it in an upward circle motion until the whole shirt has twisted into a spiral. 
 Get an elastic band (I didn't have any lying around so used a headband) and use this to hold the shirt in place.
 If you turn the ball over it should look like a spiral!
Now for the messy bit! Follow the instructions on the back of the dylon packet. I put the whole shirt into the basin with the flamingo pink colour first and left it for 45 minutes. Rinsed any excess colour off under cold water and then filled up the basin with the bahama blue colour. I dipped HALF of the shirt in and left it for 45 minutes. Make sure that the shirt won't fall over in the basin, it needs to be upright and steady. Rinse the blue off (which will now be purple) and then untie and TA DA!! You have a tie dyed shirt. 

What I loved about this was the fact that the blue obviously got into places that were still bleach which is how you end up with three colours. All in all, a pretty fun evening! I was really impressed with the finished outcome because it kind of looks like trees. Pretty cool. Anyway, hope you find this useful, I highly recommend just bleaching and dying your unwanted clothes to turn them into something a little bit more unique. 

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  1. that looks incredible! might give it a go!
    your blog is so lovely! we'd love it if you checked out ours? -

  2. This looks amazing, over the summer I have lots of ideas for some DIY, just got to get my damn exams out the way first.


  3. That looks amazing! I def have a few unwanted items I could tie dye, its like a brand new shirt! Love it xx

  4. oh my gosh that looks amazing! defs going to try that out xo

  5. the only thing i can say is : oh my god. AMAZING!!

  6. this looks friggin' awesome!

  7. It's so beautiful ! I like it.

  8. That's cool! Shirt looks awesome.


  9. wow! great job! my hubby did kind of same thing with his jeans, was real fun:)

  10. wow looks fun!
    i love how the pink dye meets the blue its amazing!

  11. Wow that came out AMAZING. I love it. I would love to see a green one.

    Sarah Betty xx

  12. This is a great DIY, it turned out really well! I have a denim shirt that is starting to look a bit shabby and tired so I'm tempted to try it

    Alice X

  13. I would try with other colors but it looks amazing!

    - Laura

  14. Wahoo amazing ♥!


  15. Oh wooow!! this is a perfect DIY , I love the result..

  16. Its amazing,,,This method change this old shirt into new tie dye shirts


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