Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brick Lane

Denim Shirt - Primark
Denim Shorts - Vintage
Jumper - Vintage
Ankle Boots - Aldo
Bag - Vintage
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Well, I finally ventured out and spent the whole day in Brick Lane! I've lived in London for 3 years now and this is the first time I have actually spent the whole day there, just chilling out and vintage shopping! I loved the vintage 'pop up' market and Beyond Retro (the one in Soho just isn't as good, this one's in a warehouse!) It was the best. Came across this little gallery which stocked the most amazing pieces of jewellery and I looked up and saw this dress. It did take me a while to figure out what it actually was as I was just fascinated by everything that was on it, I didn't realise it took the shape of a dress. As I looked around, there were more pieces! And ladies for £12,000 it could be yours. Bit extreme perhaps? Methinks so. Now I have completely forgotten the name of the designer. Damn. I'll be back there soon to find out though.


  1. love the turquoise jumper with the denim shirt. A laidback cool look, love your style!

  2. great sweater!!-- or should i say, jumper :)

  3. i feel like i could get lost in that store!! it looks so fab. love your sweater too, its such a great color


  4. Love your vintage sweater! :)

    be sure to participate in my giveaway to win a swallowtail dress! here's the link :)


  5. I love these pics! Brick lane is amazing!

  6. I love Brick Lane on a Sunday, esp in the summer! Your jumper is such a nice colour!
    Thanks for your comment, I'm actually already following your blog! didn't realise you were Scottish too! x

  7. Lovely photos! That sweater is so gorgeous!



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