Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shiny Disco Balls

Blazer - Topshop
Vest - Topshop
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Vintage
Okay, so we have all seen Grease and oogled many times at Olivia Newton John's petite figure in those pants. So when a friend told me she had to be sewn into them I thought, okay let's just go and get some leggings that are similar in style/fabric etc, and probably get them in the right size so I don't have to get up an hour early to start stitching myself together. So, hello shiny disco pants by American Apparel. They actually look identical to "Sandy's" in her badass look. And most importantly, they give you that "sewn in" look too!

I originally purchased a size small, but after trying them on (really annoying thin legs, big waist!) they were just too baggy around the legs (from the knees down) so I opted for the XS and they were perfect, they really do suck you in. After a few washes they don't loosen at all either which is a great feature of these pants. Downside is I often have to unbutton myself at dinner (obviously wearing a baggy top over for this specific purpose) just because I wanted them so tight on the legs, forgot about my big waist which does not support XS sizes comfortably. Dammit.


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